Russia calls itself ‘not-communist’ and Putins sits on his throne and assumes both his allies and enemies believe him when he says he is running an honest country. It’s no secret that the entire olympics has been neither ‘honest nor fair’ as Putin claims it to be and the corruption of his empire is an infamous presence. However, to me it seems as though the true extent of the situation is overlooked. I have this theory, a conspiracy if you will that the entire olympics is made up and everything we are seeing is a hologram. 

Russia remind me of North Korea, in the way they lie and control their citizens and I think the olympic footage has been de constructed to prove Russia’s success. Although currently, they are not top of the medal leaderboard, they will be by the end of next week. Once when I was little my mum convinced me the North Korean World Cup Football Team was in fact the army who were recruited by the government and although I do not believe this is the case for the Russian Olympic team, I do feel as though there are many methods being used to control and manipulate super powers, allies and their own people. 

The fifth Olympic ring represents America and woah, how convenient, the most powerful country in the world with a president who refuses to attend their games; their light fails to shine bright and illuminate their presence. Doesn’t seem that coincidental/accidental to me. In a bid to make America look weak they have basically stuck their middle finger up and in the most childish way possible, attempted to delete their presence from the Olympic Union.