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So we were sitting in our journalism lesson yesterday discussing employment for a newspaper or magazine or whatever publication it is and it reminded me of just what a ‘room 101’ society were actually turning into. I wrote a piece the other day about how the novel 1984 actually created a fear within people and is something known to everyone; even those who never read the book. However the likes of things like ‘towie’ are actually allowing us to run some kind of ‘big brother’ society. Although this is only television, it is starting to creep into out everyday lives, with things like Facebook and twitter etc. Both incredibly good platforms for having an opinion, socialising with old and new friends, and seeing what is going on in the world, however the idea that potential employers will look at your social networking sites is fucking terrifying.

Since when did who you follow on twitter or who you have a picture with on Facebook affect your employability? Why is it that your social life and opinion becomes more important then the work you produce? 100 years ago, before computers and before the internet people were in a much better position. You could fund nuclear weapon factories with your inherited billions or support terrorist training organisations, yet you could still become a special advisor to the secretary of defence because nobody would know. However now, if you get caught drinking alco-pops on facebook by your would-be-could-be boss then suddenly your contribution is no longer good enough.

It’s just a horrendous thought, knowing something written as a theory behind a dictatorship, something which struck fear in the masses is actually now becoming relevant to this society. George Orwell is clearly some kind of psychic because he hit the nail on the head with that novel…