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The novel 1984, written years before by a man who had a fear, a fear that spread down and around the generations and would be remembered forever. The fear that one-day humans would be monitored and examined by the leadership to ensure conformation and faith would maintain. In reality 1984 was reconstructed in Germany under a Hitler regime, where phone calls were hacked, witch-hunts were conducted and people were caught, tortured and murdered due to their lifestyle. This dictatorship was shut down and civilizations vowed to never recreate that monstrosity.

However modern day pop culture and the massive growth of capitalism has seen television companies recreate the 1984 concept as way to create commercialism in the form of mindless, thoughtless television. The Only Way is Essex highlights everything that George Orwell hates about future society, as we sit and watch insignificant people gossip and bitch about their ‘friends’ in a supposedly humorous way.

The ‘reality stars’, as we like to call them are supposed to convince their viewers and fans that everything they say, do, eat and buy is genuine. However it is impossible to buy when their acting skills are about as efficient as a bucket with holes in. The squeaking laughter, the tears and the champagne thrown in peoples faces we all know has been constructed by the producers in a bid to make ordinary, mundane lives seem even mildly entertaining. Taking a moment to imagine how ‘towie’ would be, had it not been so scripted, all I can picture is people waking up, going to work and going to bed, with the possibility of drinking cocktails on a weekend. If it were not for the fake tan, lack of geographical knowledge and massive cars and houses the show would resemble pretty much anybody elses ordinary life.

Every single cast member of the show is supposed to conform to a stereotype that relates to Essex; lack of knowledge of basic skills, a love of fake tan, love-rat boyfriends, fake boobs, fake tan and fake hair. Now this is all fine if it didn’t encourage young girls to idolize these characters. As soon as someone is put on television they immediately become a person children can idolize. Why is society encouraging children to behave look up to these kinds of women? Don’t we owe the future generation at least a glimmer of hope that they can make a success of their lives?  Not only is it encouraging minds that are yet to be molded that they should look and act a certain way but it also tells them to remain shallow minded; see a stereotype and generalize it and not aim to be superb, out of the box and individual.

I don’t understand also, how people who stand in front of camera, humiliating themselves and doing not a lot else get to receive some kind of celebrity status. Taking up the celebrity pages on newspapers that give a shit, alongside actually influencial people such as filmstars, politicians and musicians is Lauren Goodger who ‘just stepped in a puddle’. The  ‘stars’ of the show have gone onto bigger and better things, earning a lot of money and working very little simply because they were handed an opportunity for fame, whilst the rest of us have to work forever, in mundane jobs, grafting and grasping simply to hold onto some dignity.